Happy National Nurses Week!

In honor of National Nurses week, check out this free CE activity offering AAFP, CA-BRN, & AMA credit!

Raising the Bar: Rating and Improving Diabetes Quality of Care in Daily Interactions

This activity is designed to engage learners in an interactive learning experience that mirrors what they may encounter in clinical practice when treating patients with type 2 diabetes. This unique format features the opportunity to rate the quality of care delivered during sample provider-patient interactions, a comparison of learner responses, and detailed faculty commentary. It challenges clinical decision-making skills from different perspectives as learners work through a sequence of patient challenges.
The first section of the activity provides learners with an update on the latest evidence-based guidelines and outlines best practices regarding individualized treatment for type 2 diabetesmellitus (T2DM). In the second section of the activity we’ll meet Robert and Señor Cruz, both patients struggling to manage their diabetes.