Authoring Tool Upgrade: Here’s What’s New

The upgrade to the Authoring Tool is now available! While the overall navigation and functionality of the Authoring Tool have remained consistent, there are a few changes we’d like to point out:

  • Performance of the Authoring Tool has greatly improved. Processes like saving content, transitioning between sections of a course, accessing the checklist, and pre-publishing are now nearly instantaneous.
  • Easier access to section sub-components.  Within each section, sub-components are now completely separated. The updated Front Matter component is below as an example. Instead of most of the items in the front matter being together in one section, they are now separated. So if you need to make an edit, you’ll click directly on the sub-component.

  • Once in a Course Preview, you no longer have to go through the course page by page if you want to be able to see a preview of a specific page within the course. You can now use the drop down menu located on the left, just under the course title and credits, to select and jump to the section you’d like to view.

  • Generating a PDF of a course is now much easier. Just click the wrench icon to open the menu and click “Download Course as PDF”.

We are confident that these changes, along with the site-wide performance enhancements, will significantly improve overall efficiency in the authoring process.