Authoring Platform

The HealthCourse Authoring Platform provides users with unparalleled efficiency and convenience in the collaborative development of a course and curriculum.

Key Functionalities of the Authoring Platform

  • Easy to use, web browser interface
  • Single entry, permission-based, multi-use environment
  • Real-time shared development
  • Full word processing functionalities, including formatting, redlining, and tables
  • Version management
  • Full “file cabinet” storage of faculty, references, learning objectives
  • Simple and flexible integration of assessment items
  • Tagging of assessment items with topics, ICD-9 Codes, and Quality Measures
  • Full support of all major multimedia formats
  • Individual page preview
  • Full activity self-preview

Course developers have the option of authoring their activities online or, if they prefer, on importable Word document templates. A Pre-Launch Checklist will also be dynamically generated highlighting any omissions and offer recommendations and suggestions on items related to the authored course.

The Authoring Platform strives to provide you with all of the tools necessary to publish the highest quality course while optimizing utilizing available time and resources.