Course Builder

The Course Builder provides you with the ability to design a course entirely customized to meet your educational and training objectives. You’ll utilize a palate of page types to build unique learner experiences.

  • Add a variety of interactive questions (i.e., multiple choice, true/false, Likert scale, matching, categorization, fill ins)
  • Include items simulating real world clinical workflow (i.e., chart reviews, work-up, care team huddles, chart notes)
  • Integrate multimedia components
  • Build custom assessment tools (i.e., pre-test, post-test, feedback forms, evaluations)
  • Adjust page sections (i.e., headers, titles, fields)

The Course Builder frees you to create effective one-of-a-kind activities outside the constraints of slide-based presentations to optimally engage your audience. Once building is complete, one click generates the course in the Authoring Tool for content development!