RealCME, Med Learning Group and Humedica Collaborate on a Diabetes Initiative Accepted for MOC Credit by ABIM

Med Learning Group’s enduring, online initiative entitled Discovering Optimal Treatment Strategies for Type 2 Diabetes: An EHR-Enabled Curriculum Focused on Clinical Performance Improvement,” developed in partnership with RealCME, a HealthCourse company, and Humedica, an Optum Company, has been accepted through the American Board of Internal Medicine’s (ABIM) Approved Quality Improvement (AQI) pathway and is eligible for 20 points towards the Self-Evaluation of Practice Assessment requirement of Maintenance of Certification (MOC). Endocrinologists, Internal medicine physicians, and other physicians treating patients with Type 2 Diabetes who are engaged in quality improvement through this activity and fulfill Stages A through C can earn Maintenance of Certification (MOC) practice assessment credit. After completing this activity, you can attest to your participation and receive 20 Self-Evaluation of Practice Assessment points by submitting a report to ABIM through your Physician Homepage on Simply login using your ABIM ID and password and click “Submit AQI Project Report.” ABIM will grant MOC points after Med Learning Group verifies your participation in the activity.

This Performance Improvement-CME program seeks to support and encourage a collaborative relationship between providers and patients and to efficiently develop treatment regimes targeted at patients’ individual glycemic needs, priorities and preferences. Through this program, we aim to first help participating clinicians better understand their own performance with Type 2 Diabetes patients, then improve their knowledge and competence surrounding the latest clinical evidence of incretin therapies to treat Type 2 Diabetes patients, and finally achieve a measurable change in performance and patient health based on their participation in the program. The educational needs and related learning objectives will be derived from an analysis of multiple data points, and in particular the quality measure scores of individual participants as compared to peers within their health system and the Humedica national network. The sequential, case-based, interactive activities will be customized to the learning gaps identified in this analysis.

This activity will improve patient care in three stages. First, it will provide participating physicians an opportunity to review how they have treated a number of their patients and better understand their own performance levels based on peer and national comparisons.. This will help the physicians recognize their own practice gaps and where they could use education to gain knowledge and competence in the latest incretin therapies. This will be followed by four online CME activities based on simulated initial and follow-up interactions with patients that will teach the participants the latest information regarding incretin therapies, the underlying causes of clinical inertia and medication non-adherence, and how early intervention of such therapies could delay disease progression and improve glycemic control. These activities will also teach participants how to specify such therapies based on patients’ individual needs. The interactive nature of these classes will enable participants to develop not only the knowledge but the competence to appropriately assess and manage each patient interaction. Finally, post-activity, participants will receive updated clinical data that will provide them with the opportunity to review how well they have incorporated what they learned into their practice and how much patient care has improved. Such personalized education and assessment throughout the curriculum is designed to lead to significant practice change and as a result, improved patient care.

Med Learning Group, a division of Ultimate Medical Academy, is a full-service accredited medical education company. Med Learning Group focuses on developing and implementing continuing education that improves healthcare practitioners’ ability to provide optimal care to their patients. MLG’s goal is to provide health-quality education that is designed to deliver the highest level of outcomes for not only the practitioner, but also the patient.

ABIM is an independent, not-for-profit organization that grants board certification—a well-accepted marker of physician quality—to internists and subspecialists. Certification is a rigorous, comprehensive program for evaluating physician knowledge, skills and attitudes to assure both patients and payers that a physician has achieved competence for practice in a given field.

“If physicians are already engaged in rigorous quality improvement activities through their hospital or another organization we want them to receive Maintenance of Certification credit for that activity,” said Elizabeth Blaylock, Senior Vice for Programs at the of the American Board of Internal Medicine. “Med Learning Group, RealCME, and Humedica have created an educational experience that supports physicians in their efforts to measure and improve patient care.”