RealCME Presents at The 4th West Coast Medical Education & Research Grants Breakthrough Summit (CBI West)

Dr. Karyn Ruiz-Cordell, Chief Data Scientist at RealCME, presented a Case Presentation at CBI West titled: A Provider Just Sent Me 200 Outcomes Slides… Seriously? 

For those who couldn’t make it to this meeting, the conference brought together professionals from medical education, medical research, eLearning, academia, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device companies. The theme of this year’s sessions was “Demonstrating the Value of Medical Education: A Mandate for the Profession.” The conference was held April 4-5, 2017 in San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Ruiz-Cordell’s informative case presentation focused on an outcomes data analytics algorithm that demonstrated why a lot less, is often a whole lot more!

Key topics in the presentation included:

  • You’re doing it wrong — Why an executive summary of no more than three slides is a must
  • Why it’s important to create a longitudinal data plan
  • Representing and presenting your data in a meaningful manner; aka developing your data narrative
  • Creating a meta-view of your data

The session provided key recommended strategic approaches to developing a cohesive executive summary of an educational program, creating a longitudinal data plan, and creating a data narrative. By following the recommended best practices covered in the presentation, organizations should be able to increase understanding of their data, increase the value of outcomes to ALL stakeholders, and enable you to effectively utilize your data to your advantage.

For those that missed this engaging session, a copy of the presentation can be downloaded here.