• Course Builder

    Design Education and Training Courses in Minutes That Precisely Meet Your Needs

    With the HealthCourse Course Builder, you can design courses from a palate of page types to dynamically create an entirely unique learner experience.

  • Instructional Design

    Choose from a Wide Variety of Course Templates Designed for Health Professionals

    With the HealthCourse course template library, you can utilize templates that have demonstrated consistently high levels of learner preference over hundreds of thousands of learner sessions.

  • Course Interactivity

    Integrate Interactive Elements that Resonate with all Members of Your Health Professional Team

    Mirror the workflow and interactions inherent in day-to-day patient care to effectively implement best practices and new care delivery models.

  • Reporting

    Access Data Anytime to Measure the Impact of Your Courses

    Real-time, browser based reporting tool offers a robust selection of reports that provide meaningful insights about your audience.

  • Assessment Tools

    Empower Learners with Easily Accessible Data to Enable Self-assessment

    Provide participants with tools that enable them to analyze mastery levels, compare their progress with their peers, and set and track goals.

  • Mobile

    Multi-channel Access to Any Activity

    Offer participants the convenience of accessing activities on their preferred devices—laptops, tablets or Smart Phones.

What is HealthCourse?

HealthCourse is a highly flexible cloud-based technology platform used by educators and trainers to design, author, publish, and measure more effective, engaging, innovative learning experiences specifically for medical professionals and healthcare teams.

The platform accelerates the education, training, and alignment of caregivers toward more effective implementation of best practices, new care delivery models, and processes for coordinating patient care.

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