We are honored to work with a broad range of both academic and commercial clients.

HealthCourse has created groundbreaking educational programs in collaboration with:

Academic Medical Centers • Integrated Health Systems • Medical Education Companies • Medical Communication Companies • Continuing Medical Education Accredited Providers (CME/CE/CPE) • Professional Associations and Societies • Advocacy Organizations • Medical Publishers • Pharmaceutical and Life Science Companies • Consulting Companies

Since 2007, we have collaborated closely with our clients to address questions such as:

How can I attain better educational outcomes?


How can I improve participant feedback?

How can I more meaningfully engage our target health professional audience?

What types of instructional designs can I deploy to change clinician behavior & improve quality measures?

How can I most effectively implement new treatment models within my organization?

How can education help advance the care of underserved communities?

How can my educational activities provide professional development opportunities for our early- and mid-career clinicians?

What assessment tools and methodologies should I use to accurately demonstrate the effectiveness of our educational programs?

How do I reach and engage hard to reach, non-responding clinicians?

We understand that each organization has a unique set of educational priorities.
As a collaborative partner, we offer the skills and technology that lead to the development of innovative, award-winning educational programs that will engage
and motivate health professionals.

Take Your Health Professional
Programs to the Next Step