Platform Tip! Adding Pages to Course Sections

Did you know that you can add multiple pages to one section in a course? Click on a section and then click the “Add a New…” button to add a new page to that section. Changed your mind? Click the radio button next to that page and click the trashcan icon to delete it. Read More

Platform Tip! Background Images

Did you know that you can add background images to your course pages? You can upload a background image to nearly any section in a course. Maximum file size is 128 MB. A nice way to make your course stand out! Read More

Today 2pm EST, Join RealCME’s President, Steven Haimowitz, MD, and the Director of Research and Outcomes, Christina Tworek for a live webinar!

Join RealCME’s President, Steven Haimowitz, MD, and the Director of Research and Outcomes, Christina Tworek, PhD for this important webinar on the "Value in Healthcare: How Leveraging Creative Data Strategies Can Move us Forward in QI/QIE." In this webinar, the role of analytics in successfully Read More

Export/Import Word Doc Option

Have you tried working with the export/ import option? This allows you to save time by uploading most of your content via a WordDoc template - Learn more here! Read More

Use the Author Tool Kit to build and store frequently used content!

If you know you'll use specific content across several courses; build, and then store them in the Author Tool Kit! Front Matter Statements, Repeated Measures, Faculty Sets, and more! Read about it here. Read More

Patient Case-Based Templates

Interested in developing a course that is case-based? Learn more about our patient case templates: Patient Challenge, Patient Visit, and Patient Follow-Up. Read More

Learn all about adding and saving Faculty Member information in the Authoring Tool

If you know you have multiple courses that will feature the same Faculty Members. Add and save that information in the Author Tool Kit. This makes adding Faculty Members to courses a breeze! See more here. Read More

What makes for good Knowledge and Competence questions?

We often receive inquiries about what makes for good Knowledge and Competence questions. See examples of both in this helpful article. Read More

Post Curriculum Assessment – What it is, and how to build one.

We know learners are acquiring new knowledge through CME courses, but how many are retaining that knowledge later on? The Post Curriculum Assessment is the way to find out. Learn what it is, what it does, and how to build one here. Read More

Get a quick look at the Course Components!

Our Authoring Tool has a wealth of useful Course Components to use. View our help article about Course Components here, which includes images of every component as it shows on the finished product. A great way to determine what components are going to be the most effective for your courses. Read More