CME Providers

RealCME is advancing the continuing education of health professionals through a technology platform that revolutionizes the development, delivery, and assessment of certified online and mobile curriculum.

HealthCourse offers the highly acclaimed cloud-based RealCME solution designed specifically for use by continuing medical education providers, built with the most advanced technology available, addressing every aspect of the design, authoring, publishing, distribution, and measurement of unique and engaging certified curriculum for health professionals.

Components of the RealCME Platform

  • Activity Templates – to uniquely engage health professionals in multi-activity curricula
  • Course Builder – to dynamically create unique and customized learning experiences
  • Authoring Platform – to offer CME providers unparalleled efficiency and convenience in the development of an activity and curriculum
  • CME Companion – to seamlessly provide learners with a personal, self-directed, performance assessment system
  • RealMeasure – to provide CME providers with meaningful outcomes analysis and 24/7 access to data
  • Multi-site Publishing Platform – to enable integration of CME activities across multiple websites
  • RealCME Distribution Network – to generate robust and appropriate health professional audiences for each curriculum

Key Functionalities of the RealCME Platform


  • Real-time, permissions-based, collaborative authoring environment
  • Built-in formats (case-based, issue-based, team learning, self-assessment, didactic)
  • Integrated pre-activity and post-activity question development
  • Question-tagging functionality (by learning objective, topic, quality measure)
  • Self preview with automated quality controls and prelaunch checklists
  • Storage for commonly used CME activity elements including faculty bios and disclosures, accreditation statements, evaluation questions, references
  • Multiple profession certificate management, including customization and profession mapping

Reporting Tool

  • Secure data management platform accessed through any Web browser
  • Real-time reporting on individual activities or curriculum
  • Multiple export options including PDF and Excel
  • Report scheduler for custom email delivery
  • Report refinement by date range, profession, specialty
  • Automated integration with organizational databases

CMECompanion (Personal Learner Toolkit)

  • Certificate storage and tracking
  • Activity scheduler
  • Subject mastery dashboard with peer benchmarking
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Personalized alerts

Administrator User Management System

  • Review leaner accounts, including certificates and transcripts
  • Access certificates for any user
  • Deliver learner certificates via email
  • Update learner profiles